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Vietnam is the third largest market in Southeast Asia and one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Located in the center of ASEAN, Vietnam has a strategic location. It is close to other major markets in Asia, the most notable neighbour of them being in China.

Vietnam has always been welcoming to foreign businesses and encourages it by constantly renewing regulations and providing incentives. 

You can start a business in Vietnam without having a great amount of charter capital in your back pocket. Just ensure you have enough funds to cover the planned expenses of your company set up and you are good to go.

Build a Brand is hard, and years of meticulous detail put into crafting the Brand Message, Voice and Identity can be lost in translation if the same effort is not put into internationalizing the Brand for New Markets.

Cultural differences between different parts of the world mean that your Brand Message in your domestic country might be perceived differently in Vietnam. 

Our Agency has specialists present in the Vietnam to provide cultural insights to help our Clients craft Brand Messages and devise Strategies that cannot be duplicated. 

Our approach ensures that your brand does not get lost in translation. 




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Growth Engine has years of experience helping Businesses craft their Brand Message, ensuring it is not lost in translation when expanding into New Markets.

To best serve our existing clients, and potentially You, we request interested Brands to complete a Brand Assessment so we can determine any potential conflict of interests and whether Growth Engine will be an ideal fit for the problem you are seeking to solve.