Why Would the Best Outsource Creation of Training Curricula?

Why Would the Best Outsource Creation of Training Curricula?

There exists a stereotype about stagnating bureaucracy and motivation-killing drudgery when it comes to government affairs. We can say from extensive firsthand experience that this perception is entirely false when it comes to the US Air Force. The group pushes as hard and stays as flexible as any startup, and they also get things done with an intensive and discipline you would expect from the military. Making jet plans go is, quite literally, rocket science. 

Imagine highly trained and impeccably credentialed women and men pouring their efforts into designing, engineering, prototyping, testing, and deploying new equipment. Now take the image you had of the equipment and make it ten times as complex. That’s been our experience. Next, imagine that this process is perpetually ongoing. As soon as something new receives the final check and signature, something else is mere days away from potentially replacing it.

Ok. That’s the backdrop with the segments of the US Air Force we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Sound exciting? We thought so. The group is doing amazing things, to say the least. Now, imagine the process of getting people ready to use this constantly-evolving collection of ultra-high tech equipment. If it helps, think back to the hardest course you ever took in school and imagine having to know that material well enough to safely move around the kinds of equipment worthy of the US Air Force, except that you need to take it again and again covering increasingly difficult material. Right. All those scenes in Top Gun where people are relaxing and playing volleyball? Not so much.

That’s where we come in. Not the volleyball, sadly, but the training. At Growth Engine, we create curricula for even the most advanced and technically challenging workflows. Are we smarter or more capable than these women and men at the US Air Force? Certainly not. How, then, are we the organization they selected to generate the lessons their people take to prepare for such challenging certification? The answer is our natural language processing (NLP) text analytics platform. Growth Engine is capable of automatically digesting large bodies of unstructured textual information, synthesizing it, and proposing exercises useful in assessing learning comprehension. The key word here is automatically. Growth Engine does not require any of the painstaking and time intensive labor associated with manual creation of lesson content. Instead, the platform need only ingest the corpora of material to supply leaders with the content and tweakable knobs and sliders they require to optimize their people’s training.

So, you see, the US Air Force continued its legacy of innovation and outside-the-box thinking by partnering with Growth Engine. Need rapidly deployable and reliably effective training? Learn more about Growth Engine today.

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