Growth Engine, Inc. Awarded Phase II SBIR Contract with AFWERX & USAF

Growth Engine, Inc. Awarded Phase II SBIR Contract with AFWERX & USAF

We’re excited to announce that Growth Engine, Inc. has been awarded a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract through AFWERX to continue ongoing work to develop the U.S. Air Force (USAF)’s adaptive learning platform, Learnecke, which will accelerate the modernization of Airmen Training through AI-Enhanced instructional Design.

By combining our team’s deep domain expertise in Natural Language Processing and Technology with the invaluable knowledge and experience from our USAF Stakeholders and End-Users, Learnecke has rapidly iterated from the foundation created during Phase I towards a framework that will continue growing into a State-of-the-Art adaptive learning platform.

The Phase II effort focuses on helping the Air Force save $1M Annually on recurring education costs, while providing additional tools to help Training Managers be more productive and efficient. Initial demonstrations have shown a 97% decrease in the time it takes to develop education course content and an 800% increase in content output. Furthermore, an apples-to-apples cost/benefit analysis suggests that a $660K course of instruction could be produced for approximately $10K; when factoring in the individualized course development aspect, the cost drops as low as $10 per user while increasing the learning output. The advancements provided by Learnecke fundamentally shift considerations for instructional design, enabling DOD/USAF to rapidly scale and modernize educational development across all levels of the Total Force.

The Growth Engine team has already begun work on this 12-month contract and will begin piloting Learnecke with several USAF Training Detachments who have expressed early interest in bringing Learnecke into their classrooms. These pilot programs will provide rapid feedback and allow the team to continue to make iterative developments with the goal of a Phase III Transition.

Training the Next Generation of Exceptional Airmen.

Upon completion, Learnecke will drastically accelerate the educational competitive advantage of USAF and provide State-of-the-Art technology to develop and train the next Generation of Exceptional Airmen.

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