The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

Alright, so we’ve covered our awarded contract from the US Air Force, how we landed the gig, how much time we saved them, as well as how well our automated curriculum generation and deployment is doing for them. If you work for a firm that needs to train professionals on company-specific or niche industry knowledge, you can get an idea of how Growth Engine AI can help you. So, now it’s time to talk about dollars. We will certainly continue to post updates as the program develops, but for now, our client has graciously agreed to give us some early indication of what this means to their bottom line. That’s right: how much money have we saved the US Air Force, and how is that being measured?


The short answer is $14MM and counting. That’s an outrageous ROI for the US Air Force already. How can they (and we!) justify such a number? Well, there’s the cost savings related to the time saved by the source content creators, Subject Matter Experts (SME), curriculum developers, and related overseeing leadership, but while that’s objectively large and already worth it to the US Air Force on its own, it’s only a small part of the grand total above.


Next, we consider the time saved for the students undergoing the more optimized curricula. For reasons of public security, we cannot elucidate on the number and type of students or the specifics of the subject matter being covered, but suffice to say they are many, varied, and complex. The speed at which students gain demonstrable mastery of the content has improved, and this is a far larger contributor to the above number. Finally, we consider the extent to which student mastery is reached. If the average student exiting the pre-Growth Engine AI curricula understood 50% of the material, which was, say, good enough, what does it mean if the average student now exits with 1.3 times that understanding? It means a lot of money.


Why? The US Air Force could say, “This course or that course cost us $150k to develop in the past, and now we can do it for less than a tenth of that cost”, but what is the cost of not having enough adequately trained airmen to do certain necessary tasks that have suddenly become very urgent? How do you put value on learning objectives related to national security? The work that these women and men carry out to their parent organization, the United States of America, is paramount. This is why, through careful back calculation undertaken by our client, the value of the work we have done has already climbed to reach the $14MM mark.


Interestingly, increased capacity at increased speed isn’t just about a new, more robust capacity to reach traditional goals. That’s right; it goes both ways. What constitutes a goal can now be extended. Consider this analogy: let’s say you run a financial advisory firm that handles retiree accounts, and you’re used to having to train new staff every Q4 because there’s always a rush of new qualified leads every January. If you use Growth Engine AI to develop and deploy your training, it’s not just that you start consistently creating the supply of trained professionals needed each year to meet this demand; you can start to change the definition of what it means for a lead to be “qualified”. Want to expand into estate planning? Want to start going after high net worth mid-career lawyers? What natural extension of the goals can you set for your team now that more is possible? What is that worth? It’s worth quite a lot. It’s worth the majority of $14MM so far to one large organization that has only just begun to scratch the surface. 

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